What Are the Different Types of Radiators and How Do You Choose the Right One?

What Are the Different Types of Radiators and How Do You Choose the Right One?

In the United Kingdom the vast majority of homes use gas/oil powered boilers to pump hot water around your homes through pipes that connect radiators in each room. The radiator panels can be of various sizes, shapes and styles to suit the room (both in terms of style and size for heat output).

The most important thing to think about is of course the heat output. Make sure that the BTU on the radiator you choose is high enough to heat the full room, you can check this with various online calculators or ask your plumber. But its not quite that simple, a large radiator will heat the room, but perhaps, depending on the shape of the room it may not be efficient and multiple lower output radiators may work better heating different zones and the room more efficiently.

Lynwood Radiators specialize in designer radiators to complement the style of your home, but they do have excellent high output BTUs so are both aesthetically pleasing and will heat your home efficiently. You can choose a basic panel radiator from any DIY shop but for not much more money Lynwood designer radiators will do a better job of heating your home and look better. More efficient because all of our panel radiators have high surface areas due to the bar designs – more surface area = more contact to cold air = more heating.

Horizontal radiators

Horizontal radiators with height of 600mm tend to fit under windows and or in smaller rooms. Available in 3 colours Black, Anthracite or White, and various widths the horizontal range from Lynwood can be single panel or double panel. Placing radiators under windows is a great idea as that’s often the most common place for heat loss.

Vertical radiators

Vertical radiators fit into alcoves/narrow areas or just around windows/doors as a feature to any room. The vertical design often means the space can be utilized more and higher BTUs can be achieved. For example the highest output radiator from Lynwood gives out a whopping 10500 BTU enough to heat a large room perhaps up to 30-35m2. Available in anthracite C004 or white C012, the radiator is only 600mm wide, but the 1800mm height both complements the floor to ceiling look but also maximises surface area convection heating with 8 bars front and back (16 total)

Mirror radiators

Lynwood also supply some specialized options. Anthracite Oval bar radiators, Oval with Mirror radiators as well as a whole range of towel bathroom radiators. The choice is pretty endless and very flexible for your needs at home. The perfect look and style can be achieved with one or a combination of radiators all in stock at Lynwood.

All Lynwood designer raditors complement each other, the colours are matching and styles similar so even if you choose some vertical and some horizontal they will all look great at home. All radiators come securely packed with chrome sealing valves and all wall fittings.